Music Publicity

img_4715This article summarizes the importance of Music Publicity. In order to create a strong foundation for a musicians brand, the proper publicity is crucial.

Music Publicity is becoming more and more important as the years go on and this article did a great job of explaining that. We live in a new age where everything is digital and everything is available with the touch of a button. In order for music to reach somewhere and attain an audience, it is important for their to be a publicity. Publicity does not necessarily mean having a good publicist or having a working Facebook that posts updates from time to time. The internet and media are evolving so fast and people no longer want to see a manager on a page promoting new music. Fans want to see their artist like a friend. They want to see what they are doing and what they are up to. They want to connect with their favorite singer and feel like they are a part of their life. Music Publicity has become alot more personal. With outlets like Spotify and Youtube, users are cutting back on buying records and instead listening from other media outlets. In order for artists to have loyal fans and people who are willing to go out of normal and buy an album, their needs to be a relationship between the fan and the artist. When a relationship is achieved, fans are more willing to buy an artists they like music and go to their concert. They feel more connected to the artist and their is something magical with that bond. Music Publicity can create and sustain that bond. And that is why now more then ever it is very crucial to have a strong social media presence and to truly care and connect with fans.


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